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Mark Hoppus

Birth Date: March 15, 1972 / Age: 45
Birth Place: Ridgecrest, California, USA
Also Credited as: Blink 182

Biography: Markus Allan Hoppus (b. March 15, 1972), better known as Mark Hoppus is a founding member of the pop punk band blink-182. He plays bass guitar, electric guitar, and does vocals. Mark is generally known for being the singer of the some of the band's bigger hits such as What's My Age Again and Dammit.

At the age of fifteen Hoppus got his first bass from his father after helping him paint his house. He moved to Ridgecrest, California to attend high school, where he played bass and sang with the band Pier 69, primarily covering songs by The Cure. He later moved to San Diego to continue his studies in college, where he met Tom Delonge (another blink-182 member) through his little sister, Anne Hoppus. Delonge was a friend of Anne's boyfriend, and constantly complained about wanting to join a band. She finally introduced Hoppus and Delonge in August 1992.

Hoppus and Delonge, with their friend, drummer Scott Raynor, decided to form a band in 1992. They were originally called "Blink", but an Irish techno band had that name and filed a case in court so they changed their band name to blink-182. In 1997, after the release of their fourth album Dude Ranch, Raynor left the band to go back to college and currently has the band's full support. He was soon replaced by Travis Barker of The Aquabats. Barker learned the entire setlist in about forty-five minutes before a show, and eventually became the band's full-time drummer.

In 1998, they released their first album with Barker, Enema of the State. They later released three more albums, The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show: The Enema Strikes Back, Take off Your Pants and Jacket, and their untitled album (usually referred to as blink-182, and often mistakenly thought to be self-titled).

Hoppus appeared on MxPx's eighth studio album Panic on "Wrecking Hotel Rooms", providing backing vocals. He is currently working on a side project with Travis Barker called Plus 44; their first album is expected some time in Summer 2006.

Hoppus married his girlfriend, Skye Everly on December 2, 2000. Their son, Jack Hoppus, was born on August 5, 2002.

He also co-owns the popular punk clothing company, Atticus, and is a record producer. He produced the sophomore album of Minnesota band Motion City Soundtrack, Commit This to Memory.

Blink-182 has not broken up, but they are taking a break to "spend time with their families", says Delonge. Hoppus and Barker are now recording songs for their new band, Plus 44. It features the two of them and the female vocalist, Carol Heller.

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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Co-lead vocalist and bassist for Blink-182.

Has a pet dog called Ahi

Is the older brother of Anne Hoppus.

His younger sister, Anne Hoppus, wrote a book about the early days of Blink 182.

son Jack born on August 5th 2002.

When he was fifteen years old his dad bought him a bass for painting their house.

His son Jack and Blink-182 band mate Thom DeLonge's daughter Ava were born a mere 21 days apart in 2002.

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