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Guy Ecker

Birth Date: February 9, 1959 / Age: 58
Birth Place: São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Biography: Guy Ecker was the third of five children born to Marion and Bob Ecker. Guy's father was a Wisconsin businessman with a passion for South America. His work with various multinational companies allowed him to live his passion, working not only in Brazil, but also in Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico. In fact Guy's brother and three sisters were all born in South America.

As a child, Guy participated in various plays and talent shows, winning over his first fans; his teachers, all of whom were quick to say, that even as a child Guy displayed a unique charisma. Guy moved to the United States for the first time to attend college at the University of Texas in Austin. While pursuing a degree in International Business, Guy undertook a variety of jobs to support himself, everything from working at the local burger joint, to teaching ballroom dancing, to training horses on a ranch. Upon graduation he remained on the ranch aptly called Texana, and it was there, he met Nia. She was a beautiful young actress and dancer who dreamed of fame. They fell in love of course, and Guy immediately hung up his chaps, following her to Hollywood. They were married, but it was short-lived. Suddenly Guy was divorced, and alone in California. But he had already discovered his passion – acting.

Once again Guy had to do a variety of jobs to stay afloat; selling gym equipment, teaching languages, and like every other aspiring young actor in Hollywood, waiting tables. Occasionally, he was cast to play the lead in a low budget film. Guy Ecker was just another unknown hopeful. Naturally, he decided to enter the Latin American commercial market, but he was told his Anglo-Saxon features and name were a liability. It was even suggested he change his name, but Guy persisted, and soon was being cast in commercials aimed at the growing Latin American market in the United States. He also began putting his business degree to use, forming a company called Guyvota, which translated and dubbed films for this emerging Latin American market. In nurturing this young company Guy spent many long hours in the recording studio. It is fitting that through Guyvota came Guy's first big break. One of the actors he had hired for a recording session informed Guy that a nation-wide search was being undertaken in Colombia for an actor to play an historical figure named Geo Von Lengerke. Guy auditioned for the role simply by forwarding some video samples of his work to date. Thinking nothing would come of this, he left for vacation in the Bahamas. However, upon arrival at his hotel, Guy was handed a message: He had been cast in the role of Lengerke in the RCN Television series "The Tiger's Other Stripe", and was needed on the set in two weeks. But it was this role that led to the project that would change Guy's destiny, as well as the nature of Colombian television itself. He was then cast in the leading role of Sebastian Vallejo in the most successful soap opera in the history of Colombian television, "Cafe Con Aroma De Mujer (Coffee With The Scent of a Woman)." Guy garnered three awards for his performance, including Best Actor in Columbia. Soon Guy began receiving international offers, which led to another hit television series called "La Mentira (The Lie)

Biography Credit: IMDB

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