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Picture Credit:

Steve Brodie

Birth Date: November 21, 1919
Birth Place: El Dorado, Kansas, USA
Also Credited as: Steve Broide

Date of Death: January 9, 1992 / Age: 72
Location of Death: West Hills, California, USA
Cause of Death: cancer

Biography: Steve Brodie (1863 1901) was a Brooklyn bookmaker who claimed to have jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge and survived on July 23, 1886. The newspaper reports at the time gave Brodie lots of publicity, and the New York City tavern he opened shortly afterward was a success. It was subsequently determined that Brodie had probably not actually jumped, but instead used a dummy he had hidden in the area.

Hoax or not, Brodie became famous, and his name for a time became slang; to "pull a Brodie" or "do a Steve Brodie" came to be understood to do something flamboyant and dangerous.

Years later, an actor used the Brooklyn man's name for his movie stage name; see Steve Brodie (actor).

Brodie was depicted in the 1933 film "The Bowery" by George Raft. He also appears as a character in the June 4, 1949 Bugs Bunny cartoon Bowery Bugs, which presents a fictionalized account of why he wished to jump from the bridge in the first place.

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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