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Richard Chaves

Birth Date: October 9, 1951 / Age: 66
Birth Place: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Biography: Richard Chaves (born October 9, 1951) is an American actor born in Jacksonville, Florida. A Vietnam veteran, Richard helped write the critically acclaimed stage drama Tracers. In the early eighties, he began work as an actor taking on various roles here and there until he gained a notable role in the science fiction film Predator. Soon afterward his career got another boost as he won the role of Lt. Colonel Ironhorse in the War of the Worlds TV series. Aside from having a character that allowed Richard to get in touch with both his Native American heritage as well as a military history, the series also garnered him a large fanbase (it's been said that his fanmail outnumbered the rest of the cast members).

Unfortunately, his career hit a bump when, despite its understated success, War of the Worlds was being handed into new creative management for its second season. The new executive did not think that the Ironhorse character worked with the format they wanted to direct the show, so his character and that of Norton Drake (whose popularity on the show came second) were killed off with neither actor and their character to return. Although, a testiment to the audience gained is that many fans claim that the lack of Chaves was a turn-off to the renovated series, and may have led to the poor ratings that killed the show.

Sadly, another wound to Richard came in the early 90s when he became the subject of a stalker. To protect his family, friends, and himself, he followed the advice of the police by refraining from attending conventions and closing his official site. This act hurt as Richard just as much as it did his fans.

Since then he has not been seen on screen aside from a small role in Days of our Lives. Although nothing has been heard from him, many still wish for Richard's return.

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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War of the Worlds (1988) ... Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse (1988-1989)

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