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Carmen Moore

Birth Date: December 24, 1972 / Age: 45
Birth Place: British Columbia, Canada

Biography: Carmen was born on Christmas Eve, 1972, in Burnaby, B.C., Canada. From a very early age, her mother knew she was an actor - she called herself Carmen-wonderfender at 2 years old, and did one act shows on the living room stool. In school, she was very shy, and not very self-confident; certainly not one of the 'in' crowd. But, anything to do with performing, and she was right in there! In Grade 10, her drama teacher made her a teacher's assistant for one of the Grade 8 classes, which was a little difficult, as she looked younger than most of them. In Grade 11, after she sprouted about 6 inches during the summer, she auditioned for, and performed in Port Moody Senior's spring musical “The Leader of the Pack”, and that was it - she had the bug, and knew for sure what she was meant to do for the rest of her life!

Out of high school, she joined the Spirit Song Native Theatre Co., and worked with them for 9 months…sort of a paid training deal. She was hired on an act of faith for Theatre New Brunswick's Young Company tour in '92 (they had no idea who she was, or if she could act, but they couldn't find anyone else in the country!), and got rave reviews. Her first real theatre audition was for Fend Players 'Danceland', which she was nominated for a Jessie Richardson award, for best supporting actress. An agent saw her in that play, and offered to represent her. Continuing her work in theatre, as well as starting to audition for TV and film, she was booking gigs left and right. For her role as Janice Grace in Firehall Arts Centre's 'Someday', she was nominated for another Jessie, this time for best actress. She had been hired the day before opening, to replace the lead actress, learned the play overnight, and didn't miss a line!

Carmen has been fortunate enough to have worked fairly steadily in TV and film for the past 7-8 years. Although most of her early work was very 'Pocahontas', (she was nominated for 'outstanding performance in a TV movie' First Americans in the Arts Awards, for her role as Chewlynndit in Brothers of the Frontier (1996) (TV) with Joseph Lawrence) she has since cut her hair and has had mostly 'people' roles in the last couple of years (cops, lawyer etc.,). Carmen played Deputy Molly Bloom, a recurring role on Wolf Lake (2001) (TV). She did 8 out of the 9 episodes that were shot before they were cancelled.

Carmen also played Sherry Goodstriker on CBC's _Tom Stone (2001)_ , Tom's love interest in the first season, and Rita George on "Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy" (1998). Carmen has had guest starring roles on shows such as "UC: Undercover" (2001), "The Commish" (1991), "First Wave" (1998), "Dead Man's Gun" (1997), "Police Academy: The Series" (1997), two guest spots on "Seven Days" (1998), and many others. She has worked with actors such as Adam Beach, Graham Greene Ving Rhames Jennifer Garner Sarah Chalke Raymond Cruz Justin Chambers Lou Diamond Phillips and Ben Kingsley.

She worked on the acclaimed Sci-Fi series, _"Andromeda" (2003)_ , for their 4th season, where she played "Tri-Jema" with Kevin Sorbo. Last year she worked with John Woo for the TV series _Lost in Space (2005)_ and has now landed her dream role! Watch for Canada's newest series _Godiva's (2005)_ , (premiering March 16, on Bravo! 7:00pm Pacific) where she plays Simone, the mysterious, sexy bartender of a restaurant in Yaletown, Vancouver.

Biography Credit: IMDB

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Andromeda / Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda (2000) ... Tri-Jema / Tr-Jema (5 episodes)

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