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Picture Credit:

John Rhys-Davies

Birth Date: May 5, 1944 / Age: 73
Birth Place: Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, UK
Also Credited as: Jonathan Rhys-Davies

Biography: John Rhys-Davies (born May 5, 1944) is a Welsh actor. Although he has dozens of films to his credit, Rhys-Davies is probably best known for his characters in two blockbuster franchises: "Sallah" in the Indiana Jones films and the dwarf "Gimli" in the Lord of the Rings films (in which he also voiced "Treebeard"). He also had a lead role in the television series Sliders as Professor Maximillian Arturo from 1995 to 1997.

He has appeared in numerous other television shows and TV miniseries, and has lent his distinctive deep, gruff voice to numerous video games and animated TV shows, including Gargoyles. He appears in the full motion video cut scenes of computer games including Dune 2000 and the Wing Commander series. He also made several appearances on Star Trek: Voyager as a holodeck version of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Rhys-Davies is a member of the United Kingdom's Conservative Party, though most Hollywood actors are liberals. As a university student in the '60s he was a radical leftist, but he started to change his views around when he went to heckle a young local member of parliament, Margaret Thatcher. Rhys-Davies says that "she shot down the first two hecklers in such brilliant fashion that I decided I ought for once to shut up and listen."

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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Sliders (1995) ... Prof. Maximilian Arturo (1995-1997)

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