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Cybill Shepherd

Birth Date: February 18, 1950 / Age: 68
Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee

Biography: Cybill Lynne Shepherd (born February 18, 1950 in Memphis, Tennessee) is an American actress.

At age sixteen Cybill Shepherd won the 1966 "Miss Teenage Memphis" contest that landed her modelling work through high school and after. Film director Peter Bogdanovich spotted her on the cover of a magazine and offered her a role in The Last Picture Show (1971). During the filming, the then 20-year-old began an affair with Bogdanovich but left him in 1972 and went to Las Vegas, where she rekindled a relationship with Elvis Presley that began after an introduction in their hometown of Memphis. Years later, in an interview with E! television, Shepherd spoke of the relationship with Presley, saying, "He was a wonderful lover, very sexy." However, in a candid 2002 interview on Larry King Live, she told King, "the Elvis that I got to know in Memphis was very different than the Elvis that I got to know later, like in Las Vegas. I just noticed that he was unavailable in a way. And then later on, and years, years later, I would read and find out that he had like two other women there at the same time."

During Shepherd's time with Presley, Bogdanovich continued to pursue her, and when the relationship with Presley ended, the infatuated Bogdanovich gave her the starring role in his 1974 film, Daisy Miller. Based on the Henry Miller novella, the nature of Shepherd's role required a seasoned actress, and both her performance and the film were panned by the critics. It proved to be a box office failure. Unfortunately, before Daisy Miller was released, filming was already underway on At Long Last Love, and the second Bogdanovich production with Shepherd in the lead role proved a major and humiliating disaster that seriously impaired both of their careers.

Shepherd did receive good reviews for her work in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver (1976), but after a series of flops, she left show business in 1978 after completing filming on the less than successful remake The Lady Vanishes and moved back to Memphis, where she quickly married. Her return to the screen in 1980s The Return was another catastrophe that seemed to spell the end of her acting career. After an absence of several years, however, Shepherd auditioned for and won a co-starring role opposite Bruce Willis in the television series, Moonlighting. A lighthearted combination of mystery and comedy, it won Shepherd two Golden Globe awards for her role as Maddie Hayes on the popular show. Shepherd married her second husband and then gave birth to twins during the series's run, which helped precipitate its demise.

In the 1990s she starred in Cybill, a television sitcom, in which the title character was roughly modelled on herself: an actress struggling with hammy parts in B movies and bad soaps, a role for which she won her third Golden Globe award.

In 2001, Shepherd published her memoirs "Cybill Disobedience" (How I Survived Beauty Pageants, Elvis, Sex, Bruce Willis, Lies, Marriage, Motherhood, Hollywood, and the Irrepressible Urge to Say What I Think.)

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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