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Picture Credit: Film Stew

John C. McGinley

Birth Date: August 3, 1959 / Age: 58
Birth Place: New York, New York

Biography: John C. McGinley, sometimes credited as John McGinley, has had a most prolific career, primarily as a supporting character actor. He came to fame in Oliver Stone's Platoon in 1986, and went on to work on no less than four other Stone productions.

McGinley is known for his cynical, wacky, sometimes sinister character portayals. He owns a stake in one of Billy Gilroy's New York SoHo bistros along with fellow actor Willem Dafoe.

McGinley studied acting at Syracuse University, and later at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Upon completing his education, McGinley did a variety of different work, including on- and off-Broadway productions, and a two year stint on the soap opera Another World.

While working as John Turturro's understudy in John Patrick Shanley's 1984 production of Danny and the Deep Blue Sea he was noticed by a casting scout, which led to an audition for the role of Sergeant Red O'Neill in the Oscar winning Platoon, although his first movie role was Alan Alda's Sweet Liberty (1986).

That was followed the next year with Wall Street (1987), and again the next with Talk Radio (1988). McGinley showcased his screenwriting talents with 1990's Suffering Bastards, in which he also co-starred.

He worked almost continually throughout the 1990s on a swathe of movies, most notably in David Fincher's Seven (1995), and Mike Judge's classic "Office Space" (1999). Less notable was McGinely's role in the widely disparaged Highlander II: The Quickening (1991).

McGinley received critical acclaim for his starring role in Dean Koontz's suspense drama, Intensity (1997). The four-part miniseries became Fox's highest-rated miniseries. He joined forces with Koontz and Fox once more for Sole Survivor in 2000.

In 2001, McGinley began work on Scrubs as the acerbic Dr. Perry Cox. His co-workers call him "Johnny C.".

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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