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Mayuko Takada

Biography: Mayuko Takata (?cRq, born January 5, 1971 in Tokyo, Japan-) is a Japanese actress. Blood Type is Type A. Her husband is Japanese violinist Taro Hakase.

Ms. Takata's role in the series was limited to commentator, and judge.

Ms. Takata has no culinary training. She appeared in the show well dressed and of cheerful disposition. Her culinary commentary frequently focused on the overall taste of the dishes.

+ April 1977 to 1990: Shirayuri Gakuen, a Catholic school for girls in Japan, with an emphasis on English langugage;

+ April 1987 (likely a component of study abroad program, at Gakuen): Institut Le Rose in Switzerland (The Swiss Confederation), a very expensive boading house in Switzerland in which Takata would have been in the company of princesses, heiresses, and the children of very powerful individuals;

+ April 1990 to March 1994: University of Tokyo - BA, focusing on Western History.

Ms. Takata is fluent in Japanese and conversant in French.

Ms. Takata was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador to the Nation of France

Ms. Takata's works include,

+ Movies: Goto Shi Kabushiki Kaisha' (Japan, 1993). Ms. Takata also appeared in the sequel to this work.

+ Radio: Yokohama City File (1993-1995 Japan).

+ Written Works: Published or participated in the publication of over ten books.

+ Commercials Work: was cast in commercials for three entities (one of them a food oriented entity.

+ Stage Work: Three stage presented titles.


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