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Yukio Hattori

Birth Date: 1945
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Biography: Yukio Hattori is the fifth president of the Hattori Nutrition College. He is probably best known as a commentator on the Japanese cooking competition program Iron Chef.

On Iron Chef, he was usually introduced as "Doc" by the show's announcer, Kenji Fukui. After being introduced, Hattori usually responded, "Always a pleasure."

While his main role on the show was as a commentator, Hattori took the place of Chairman Takeshi Kaga at least once when the chairman boycotted Kitchen Stadium to protest the poor performance of his Iron Chefs. Hattori also challenged the Iron Chefs at least twice. His first battle, in 1994, was against Iron Chef Japanese Rokusaburo Michiba; truffles were the theme ingredient. In his second battle, in 1998, he faced off against Iron Chef Japanese Koumei Nakamura over tuna. Yukio Hattori lost both battles.

Yukio Hattori's Hattori Nutrition College was cited in the Iron Chef credits as "produced in cooperation with."

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