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George Lazenby

Birth Date: September 5, 1939 / Age: 78
Birth Place: Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia

Biography: George Lazenby (born September 5, 1939) is an Australian actor. He was born in Queanbeyan City (or Goulburn), New South Wales, Australia, and served in the Australian Army Special forces and as a military unarmed combat instructor. He moved to London in 1964, working as a car salesman and as a model, then as an actor in advertising. By 1968, he was the highest paid model in the world (it is said that in 1967, he made £40,000 directly from modelling, and £60,000 from commercials and product endorsements—equivalent to over a million pounds in 2004). His first serious acting role was as James Bond in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). It was later rumoured that he had been "difficult to work with" in this project. According to Lazenby however, the difficulties were caused by director Peter R. Hunt refusing to talk directly to him—and this in turn was caused by Lazenby (unaware of studio politics or Hunt's sensibilities) simply being too brusque in passing on a request for Hunt's friends to clear a set before filming. Although it performed relatively poorly on release1, in part thanks to a poor publicity campaign, the movie is now considered among the best of the series by many, but not all, fans of the Bond movie series; it is one of the best regarded by fans of Ian Fleming's novels. After the movie, Lazenby's agent talked him into refusing a seven movie contract on the grounds that the Bond character was out of touch with the times. Unsurprisingly, Lazenby describes this as the biggest mistake of his life.

In the 1970s he worked in Hong Kong with Bruce Lee, and had a lunch appointment with Lee and Raymond Chow to discuss a major movie project when Lee suddenly died. Despite starring in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) and The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977), two films that combined grossed over $100 million worldwide in the 1970's, the standard at that time for an actor to be established as a bona-fide box office hit draw, Lazenby's acting career never really took off. He then focused more on business and real estate investments and ended up owning mansions in, Hawaii, Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, Australia, and a 600 acre (2.4 km²) ranch estate in Valyermo, California, which is a small town located about 17 miles Southeast of Palmdale, in Southern California.

He also owns a port-side penthouse apartment in Hong Kong, and previously owned a beachside home in Pacific Palisades, California. His Pacific Palisades home was located right on the beach, included 1 acre (4,000 m²) of land, 1/2 an acre (2,000 m²) of prime Southern California beach-front property, a large swimming pool, and a complete media room. It was located just down the street from one of Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant's homes.

In 2002 he married his second wife, the former tennis player Pam Shriver. The couple had their first baby on 12 July 2004. Today Lazenby enjoys sailing, motorcycle racing, car racing, reading, watching movies and playing golf and tennis. As a former commando, expert skier, expert martial artist with multiple black belts, accomplished horseman, motorcycle racer, car racer, and having the ability to act many still consider him the quintessential James Bond.

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Lazenby holds the unique distinction of being the only man to ever be both of the top two western culture male sex status cultural icons; he was James Bond for a brief time and the European Marlboro Man from before he was Bond to 1970.
Lazenby was the first non-British actor to portay James Bond in the official Bond film series. The second was Pierce Brosnan.

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